Review of Lenz O Gauge Kof II

Review of Lenz Kof II


I make no apologies for being a Lenz DCC enthusiast with my model railway pursuits Smile

Lenz Elektronik have really ignited my fire with their fantastic range of O Gauge locos and rolling stock. Alternatively known as Spur 0 in Germany, all Lenz stock is scaled to 1/45 which is close enough in size /scale to utilise a lot of materials available here in the UK in 1/43, including detailing items and vehicles.

My passion for Lenz products  may be viewed on my railway blog, 'My Lenz O Gauge /Spur 0 Layout Alter Lokschuppen'

The Koef (Kof II) is a small diesel shunter locomotive that dates back to around 1932, and are still in action today, such is their reliability and popularity as a shunting /switching loco. This is the third new locomotive release from the Lenz stable and has all the attributes of the larger locos, V36 and V100.

Built from the drawing board with integrated DCC control within,high quality motor with fly wheel, modified GOLD decoder with on board sound system, and of course lights.

Just like the Lenz V36 and V100, the loco is factory fitted with dcc operated auto uncoupling feature.


Full Specifications:

Diesel Locomotive Köf II DB Epoche 3, Length: 143,4 mm - Art Nr. 40150
Production-Series 1: Betriebsnummer 4958

- Finely detailed model
- Locomotive driver
- High-performance engine with drive on the first axle and jackshaft
- Automatic coupling
- Can be fitted with an original screw
-type coupling
- Constant lighting
- Direction-dependent light changes
- Spring buffers
- Sets of metal wheels according to NEM and RP 25
- Automatic recognition of Lenz-Digital (DCC) or conventional DC operation (analogue)
Load control with particularly good operating performance at slow speeds
- Settable starting and braking delay


Dirty Track technology (visit for a full description) This locomotive will operate even if there is dirt on the track

This locomotives dcoder will operate with asymmetric dcc (

This locomotive has built in Bi-directional communication for systems supporting bi-directional communication (

Remote coupling
(Remote) original sound
Switchable driver’s cab light

Clearly as you can see, Lenz O Gauge loco's are packed with DCC electronics, not a retrofitted dcc socket into an existing loco, their range is FULLY DESIGNED with DCC at the forefront.Anyways, that's enough of the promotion spiel Wink On with the pictures ...

The loco features a metal and plastic body, with fabulous detailing, and quite weighty for its dimunitive size. The paint application and decals are superb.

The RP25 wheels are fabulous and the cab interior is nicely detailed. My only single negative, and this is true of all the Lenz locos, is the 'glossy drivers' .. matt would be so much better !! Hey ho.. this is easily remedied by any able modeller.





Some, have criticised the  overscale auto uncoupling hooks, this can be replaced with a static scale like hook and coupling if desired.

Personally, I feel all model railwaying is a compromise,and the auto uncoupling feature is a fabulous feature, far too good to do without !





Lighting is via LED's and of course digitally controlled, and directional with travel. The F5 function is half speed slow shunting mode in which all 3 front and rear lights illuminate. The interior cab light is also a separate function.











I love this little machine, so much so I purchased a second ! Laughing

Running  Number  # 5013 is only available on loco's that are supplied within the Kof starter sets, I located this one simply because someone was splitting a set.

However I do have 'plans' for one of these..... sometime in the future Wink



Just like the other locos from Lenz Elektronik, this is a superb machine, so much so it  won several awards since release in Germany.

In the category for  0/1/2 rolling stock, MIBA-Verlag in conjunction with Eisenbahn Journal and Modelleisenbahner have awarded the Lenz O  Köf with the  Goldenen Gleis 2009! Over 41% of the readers of Eisenbahn-magazin have voted the Lenz O  Köf as their Modell des Jahres 2008 in the O gauge category.

For me, the only improvement needed would be a matt driver figure, I am sure Lenz will be bringing out other variations / models in the Koef Series.


Overall 9/10


Available in the UK  from A & H Models