1/700 and 1/350 2-Chain Bar Railings from Eduard

1/700 and 1/350 2-Chain Bar Railings


Catalogue numbers 99017 and 99018

Available from Eduard for $26.95USD each




It's been a while since I made a controversial statement on the site, so now is about time for one: think of any model subject you can and think how it could be improved by etched metal parts. I maintain with every breath in my body that the one single thing in our modelling world that etched metal improves more than anything else (and could have been made for) is railings on ship kits.


Just look at photos of model ships that are bereft of railings and compare them with those that have had them added; or go to a model show and just examine the railings on some of the skilful models you may see and perhaps you may begin to appreciate my view. Add to this the fact that railings are just about impossible to portray accurately in smaller scales (below 1/96th) by other methods and you are just about there. What about machine gun jackets, gunsights, armour panels or car fittings, you may say? Well, all of these are excellent in etched metal, but nothing impacts on a kit the way ship railings do.


Most naval vessels of the 20th century have 3 or 4 bar or chain bar railings; however, close examination of plans and photos show plenty of examples of 2 bar or chain bar railings (below)






Eduard have now released what are probably the first in a series of generic etched frets covering railings, these being 2-chain bar railings. They come in 2 scales, 1/700th (above) and 1/350th (below)





Of course, all of Eduard's dedicated naval sets contain railings applicable to that particular vessel, but there are plenty of kits that do not yet have etched sets produced for them. For all of these in these 2 scales, the new frets will prove invaluable to the modeller if 2 bar railings are required anywhere on the vessel.The standard of the frets is very high indeed.


So what do we think?

Excellent generic sets in the two most popular naval modelling scales. Now we need the much more frequently used 3 and 4 bar versions.


Overall: 8/10


Our thanks to Eduard for the review sample. To purchase this and other Eduard products, click THIS link.

Robin Jenkins