1/72, 1/48, 1/32 Swastika Decal Sheets from Fantasy Printshop

1/72, 1/48, 1/32 Swastika Decal Sheets
Fantasy Printshop

Catalogue # FP842 for 1/72, FP828 for 1/48 and FP841 for 1/32
Prices: £2.95, £4.90 and £5.99 respectively
Available from Fantasy Printshop directly.



You know what it’s like. You buy a model of a German aircraft, and take a look at the decal sheet. Everything looks in order. No! Wait a minute….’where are the swastikas?’ I’m sure you’ve been in this situation. I have, and many times too. Some manufacturers, such as Revell of Germany, can’t produce this symbol due to the law within their home country. Some manufacturers who don’t have this restriction also omit them as they sell to countries such as Germany, and don’t wish to fall foul of their restrictions on the import of commercial items with the swastika included. If you are really lucky, such as with Eduard, you’ll find swastikas included on your decal sheet, but they are printed on the corner of the decal sheet so they can be snipped off for selling that product to countries with these restrictions.

For those of us who live in countries which have no restrictions on such historical emblems , the fact that our models have been sold to us without the complete set of historical markings, makes this more than a trifle annoying.

Fantasy Printshop have been producing a solution to this issue for a little while now, and they have been kind enough to send some sets including the swastika decal set in all three main scales.




There really are so many individual decals on these sheets that a single purchase will keep you in swastikas for many, many models to come, making these not just fantastic value, but also a great source of not just one type of swastika, but many permutations of this vilified symbol.

All three sheet/scale  contains swastikas in 800mm, 650mm, 480mm, 400mm, 350mm, 300mm and 250mm sizes, which just about covers every size you will ever need, irrespective of what type of machine you are building, i.e. bomber, fighter etc.

The style of swastika you will need is also important, and Fantasy Printshop have included the majority of the most common types here. These include simple black swastikas, or white ones, plus those with white edging and the type which a white edging with a black outline. You also have a number of simple black or white outline varieties in most of the representative sizes within each scale.

The only other common variant I can’t see here is the segmented ones which were applied to the very late war machines, including night fighters such as the Ju 88 or He 219. You could though produce these yourself from the decals on the sheet by removing small parts of the outline swastikas with a sharp knife. This of course wouldn’t help if the swastika in question was one of those which the Germans applied in grey paint!

Despite these sets first being printed over 10 years ago, the quality of them is commensurate with recently developed sets, and the printing is crisp and sharp with everything in perfect register. Carrier film is kept to a minimum, and as with all Fantasy Printshop sets, the printing is beautifully thin. I know from experience that these decals work well with setting solutions too.

So what do we think?
This is a one-stop solution to the majority of your swastika needs! With the exception of some grey types, every set here just about covers every type you will need. The sheer number on each sheet, , combined with the quality and the cost of these sets, make these an inexpensive and attractive option. Certainly an option I would quote time and again to any modeller with these needs. Highly recommended.

Overall: 9.5/10 (Would have been a ‘10’ if some grey options were included!)

Our sincere thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review samples used here. To buy these items directly, click THIS link.

*Please not that Scale Plastic & Rail will be featuring all products from Fantasy Printshops own range over the coming months, so watch this space!