1/48 F-111 Avionics (for Hobby Boss kit)

1/48 F-111 Avionics (for Hobby Boss kit)

Catalogue # 49501
Available from Eduard and good hobby shops
Price around $29.95USD


This is quite a simple but effective upgrade set for the 1/48 Hobby Boss F-111 set (all types) which deals with the subject of the forward fuselage avionics bays, on both port and starboard sides. Two etch frets are included, with one of them in full colour depicting the various electronic equipment boxes, and totalling 40 individual parts for that fret alone! You will of course need to remove all moulded detail present on the kit parts, and paint the non-face sides of the various ‘boxes’.



The printing on these parts is very good indeed, with none of the ‘pixelation’ which did dog some of Eduards earlier colour etch parts. These parts are also not self-adhesive, so you will need to glue these with CA or PVA glues.

The second fret is concerned with both the edges of the avionics bays, where the panels would normally affix, and also with the areas of the avionics bay which aren’t instrument fascia’s,  like bulkheads. Another piece is supplied to add to the radar plate within the nose.



Instructions are very simple, but then again, they really don’t need to be otherwise as this is a very simple set to install on the kit.

So what do we think?

A great little set which will have an amazing effect on this complicated area of the F-111. Now you don’t have to be a master painter to achieve a wonderful result, and the set couldn’t be easier to apply. Very highly recommended.

Overall: 10/10

Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample used here. To buy this item and others from the Eduard range, click THIS link, or the banner below.