1/32 F-4 exhaust nozzles USAF late for F-4E (powered by J79-GE-17)

1/32 F-4 Exhaust Nozzles USAF late for F-4E (powered by J79-GE-17) for Tamiya
Eduard BRASSIN Range
Catalogue # 632 010
Available from Eduard for $54.95 or any good hobby shop.




This is the second of Eduard´s Brassin sets on their 1/32 scale F-4 Phantom engine nozzle sets I received to review thanks to the great people at Eduard. As with the first one I reviewed here (being destined for F-4C/D Phantoms) some weeks before this one is packed in a big (95 x 165 x 50 millimetres) and sturdy cardboard box, too.



Again the instructions are printed in colour on two sheets of paper, the first sheet giving you an overview about what you get in this set and some appetising notes of other “goodies” available in Eduard´s Brassin range.





According to the overview this set compromises:

  • 1x fret with 7 pieces in photo etch to detail the outlet faces and the tail hook area
  • 13x resin parts for the two GE engines (inlet and outlet area)
  • 3 free bonus resin parts to additionally detail the tail hook area

The resin parts again are of the highest possible quality and detail! If Eduard would grant me just one wish for my next birthday I wished they would invite me to their shop to see how these magic parts are manufactured!

Some of these parts are common to the previous set; others are completely new for this late USAF version of the GE engines. Now, have a look at these details! I hope my pictures do Eduard´s wonderful work justice:

First, the PE fret:



Now to the resin parts:
















And the resin bonus parts:




Only two of these awe-inspiring resin pieces do show just a hint of damage to the mould, as indicated on the respective picture above. But this flash is easily cut away and also the area concerned is hidden later by other parts of the nozzles. So, there is no problem at all!

All the other parts are simply perfect, showing details one should take pictures after before painting and assembling them so one can show all this to your wondering friends!

I wished there was an F-4 kit on the market that, at least to some extent, would show some comparable detail work as this set does! Wait! Haven´t there been some rumours about a Czech producer to release some 1/48 scale F-4 kits in future? I hope so!


So what do we think?
I simply have to repeat myself: again this is another most impressive set from Eduard. This one will grace Tamiya´s 1/32 Phantom kit, adding impressing details to the engine area of this famous aircraft. But again, in my humble opinion, maybe more of these update sets would available to modellers everywhere if only the price asked for it would be a little bit lower?!?

On the other hand, if only you do at least one F-4 Phantom kit in 1/32 or 1/48 scale: get this set! You won´t regret it!

Overall: 9/10

Thanks again to the great people at Eduard for the review sample. To buy this and other Eduard products, click this link, or the banner below.

Thomas Mayer