1/32 P-51D masks (for Tamiya) from Eduard

1/32 P-51D masks (for Tamiya)
Catalogue # JX 136
Available from Eduard for €9,95


No really a surprise Eduard has released a masking set for Tamiya´s outstanding P-51D kit in 1/32 scale. There are also a very lot of detail sets made in photo etched parts with some of them printed in colour by this manufacturer these days.


Those of us that have Tamiya´s kit in their stash will know that this Japanese manufacturer already provides you with a sheet of yellow Kabuki type masks for this kit´s canopy parts. But before going deeper into this let´s have a look at Eduard's mask set.

This mask set comes in Eduard´s traditional end-opening resealable plastic bag containing the single sheet of yellow Kabuki type self-adhesive masks about 55 x 70 millimetres in size, protected from being bent in transit by a backing piece of white card board.

A single sheet of instructions printed to one side in b/w shows the position of each part of the masks on the release paper and where to apply it to the kit parts. The only exception being part L12, only mentioned on the instructions without showing the respective kit part. For my instructions of Tamiya's P-51D kit don´t show a general survey of the kit´s plastic parts it took a while studying the assembly steps before I found what I expected: mask L12 belongs to clear part L12, the landing light.

The instructions mention to fill any remaining areas on the kit parts not being covered with the pre-cut masks to be filled with liquid mask fluid. This will work fine on any clear part that has not been dipped in Future. But you might get a nasty surprise when using liquid masking fluid with a clear part that has been futured! Don´t ask how I know this...
So on clear parts that have been treated with Future please don´t use liquid masking fluid but fill any remaining areas with pieces of Tamiya masking type or something comparable!


The entire mask pieces on Eduard´s masking sheet are pre-cut, so one only has to identify the mask needed and apply it to the kit part as shown in the instructions. All cuts on my sample look absolutely perfect and uniform with no frayed cut edges at all.


There are no masks provided in this set to paint the paint separation line on the tyres as has been on other sets. But this is no real drawback for the tyres and rims are separate pieces in the kit. So it shouldn´t be a problem to paint those.

So what do we think?
Do we really need another set of masks for Tamiya´s P-51D kit than those provided with the kit? The kit´s masks are given as a sheet of self-adhesive Kabuki tape with the individual mask outlines printed on as a guide for the modeller to cut along these lines with a new sharp blade.

Eduard´s sheet has to be purchased separately but has all the canopy masks already pre-cut, ready to be applied to the kit parts by the modeller.

So, is there the need for this Eduard set? I am afraid it depends on the modeller. There is no "Yes" or "No" in my opinion. If you have no problem cutting the kit´s masks yourself, it´s fine! If you like to get them ready to use or are unconfident cutting along those line with the outmost precision why no buy the Eduard set? Your choice! Isn´t it great at least to have a choice?

Reno-2004-09170229(Taken by the author at the Reno Air Races in 2004)


Many thanks to the great people at Eduard for the review sample!
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Thomas Mayer