Wingscale Latest 1/32 B-25 pics – Martin has built the Beast!!





Wingscale Latest 1/32 B-25 pics –

Martin has built the Beast!!


Martin from Wingscale has provided us with these images of their forthcoming B-25 kits in 1/32nd In his latest in the series of the Pre-production Shot of the Mitchell bomber which will be going on sale early next year.


Wingscale of course have three massive B-25 kits in 1/32nd scale forthcoming, these are the B-25J "Strafer" the B-25J glass nose "Bomber" and the B-25H "75 Cannon" As well as the 1/32 Meteor Mk.IV in the new year


Go to the bottom of the page and click on the thumbnails for the newest images from Martin's build




WING32001 - North American B-25J `Strafer` Mitchell

`Betty's Dream`

`Sunday Punch`

`Flying Apaches`




WING32002 - North American B-25J Mitchell `Glass Nose`

`Fenito Benito Next Hirohito`

`Sharkmouth - "Who cares"`

`Soviet A.F.`




WING32003 - North American B-25H `75 canon` Mitchell

`Barbie III`

`Leroy's Joy`

`US Navy`


These are only limited to 2500 for each type and what there is are selling fast – so if you want to reserve one go to their pre-order site HERE

Alternatively in a shop closer to you:

Hobbylink Japan: HERE

Sprue Brothers: HERE

Hannants: HERE



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Stay tuned for more Wingscale news very soon - Click these thumbnails for larger pics……