Revell 1/48 APOLLO: Lunar Module Eagle

Revell 1/48 APOLLO: Lunar Module Eagle

With the 40th Anniversary of the Moon landings this year, Revell took a timely opportunity to release a range of kits aimed at that legendary occasion.



Kit Spec is as follows.

  • Detailed command module with one astronaut
  • Detailed service module with thrust and control nozzles
  • Gold foil to represent covering of lunar module base and telescopic legs
  • Top stage of lunar module with antennae and control nozzles
  • Decals for flag
  • Set of 4 paints, Contacta glue and double sided brush.
  • Acetate sheet

This particular offering is a re-release kit, containing 4 sprues of quite retro looking silver plastic with a total of 66 parts and the inclusion of 2 figures. The parts are fairly large and as far as detail goes, quite rudimentary. The largest part of the kit is a facsimile of the landing ground, resplendent in craters and pock marks. This would look quite good if it was dressed up with some scenics materials and pigments.

Flash is present on some of the parts, but it is minor and not particularly a worry. Very little overall cleanup is needed to assemble this kit.







Revell have included a separate bag within the box which includes a Contacta glue, a double ended paintbrush and 4 acrylic paints (silver, gold, anthracite & white). The inclusion of this tells me that this kit is primarily aimed at the younger end of the market, which is no bad thing really.

Instructions are typically ‘Revell’ with all stages drawn in black and white, but they are clear, and all parts and their positions are readily identifiable, making this an easy build. Within the instruction sheet is included, to my surprise, a sheet of gold foil to represent the covering that the modules base and legs had applied to them. The idea behind the foil is that you scrunch it up before applying. Care will be needed not to waste any of this.


A decal sheet is included for flags and minor stencilling, and this is well printed and perfectly in register. Decals seem quite thin too.


So what do we think?

With a little extra detail, this model does indeed build into a fantastic representation of the Eagle Module; I saw a few of these recently at the SMW 2009 show at Telford recently. Simply built, but perhaps a little outdated looking, this kit will provide a good few hours fun for a younger modeller and at list price, is quite good value for money, especially with the inclusion of the paint and glue set within.


Overall 6/10

Many thanks to Luckymodel for the review sample.
This item is available from Luckymodel for $17.98USD (£12.37 at time of writing). For the direct product link, click HERE