Albion Alloys Slide Fit Micro Tubes





It was at the Euromilitaire model show last year that I visited the trade stand of Albion Alloys Limited hosted by Matthew John. (By the way, those of you who have never been should make a note to visit the show this year in November. It is always held in Folkestone, Kent, over a weekend and it attracts the top, mainly military, modellers from all over the UK and Europe) I have to admit that once I had seen what Albion Alloys had to offer, I did spend quite a bit of time talking to Matthew about his products which have a specific modelling application. This is not surprising because Matthew makes models! He knows what we plastic carvers want, and when you see what his company has to offer, this becomes blatantly obvious. I bought a selection of small gauge tube and rod and have since found a myriad of uses for it detailing engines, wheel bays, cockpits, wing guns and pitot tubes.




Whether you are into aircraft, armour or ships, there comes a time when the call out is for a very small gauge aerial, pitot tube or other such application, and with all due respect to the plastic model manufacturers, small gauge plastic rod is not too user friendly. Explaining his product's method of overcoming this problem, Matthew recommended that instead of drilling a 0.2 hole to locate the piece of rod, why not drill an easier to handle 0.4 hole (if enough space available) and insert a small section of tube to hold an 0.2 piece of rod? This produces a much sturdier housing which, having done just that, I can certainly vouch for.



Their latest product is mouth watering for those who like to detail, and having regard to my last paragraph, it is ideal for modellers. Matthew is now producing 0.2 nickel silver rod with matching 'turnbuckles'. The 'turnbuckles' are actually machined 3mm lengths of 0.4 tube with an i.d. of 0.2. These come in packets of 100 so there will be no more trying to cut these very small lengths only to have them ping off into the distance never to be found again. They are obviously a perfect fit for the 0.2 nickel rod and highly recommended, especially for those into WWI bi-planes. Another product I am sold on is his 0.1 'rod' - perfect for 1/32 aileron, elevator and rudder control wires.



It is sometimes hard to find dealers who stock a complete range of rod and tube in these small sizes. It is therefore refreshing to find a company that not only produces this material, but is actually run by a modeller who is aware of our modelling needs.

On that last point, another product, specifically aimed at the armour enthusiast this time, are packets of 100 MG42 7.92mm spent cartridge shell cases for military dioramas. Just sprinkling them around a gun emplacement adds a fantastic sense of realism. I understand that other gauges of shells are in the 'pipe line' so keep a look out on Albion Alloys for the latest develpoments.

Here is a selection of products and prices, but please visit their website for full information on their products:

Brass rod BR1M 0.45mm x 305mm - packet of 10 pieces £4.00

BR2M 0.5mm x 305mm - packet of 10 pieces £4.00

BR3M 0.8mm x 305mm - packet of 9 pieces £4.00

BR4M 1.0mm x 305mm - packet of 9 pieces £4.00

Nickel Silver Rod NSR1M 0.2mm x 305mm - packet of 6 pieces £4.00

NSR2M 0.33mm x 305mm - packet of 6 pieces £4.00

NSR3M 0.45mm x 305mm - packet of 6 pieces £4.00

Spent Cartridge Cases MG42 1/35 scale 7.92mm Packet of 100 - £10.00

Turnbuckles - 0.4mm x 0.2mm i.d. x 3mm - Packet of 100 - £10.00

Albion Alloys Limited, Spacemaker House, 518 Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 8PT

Telephone: 01202 511232 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So what do we think?
The products Albion Alloys produce are invaluable, not only for those who take modelling very seriously indeed, but also for those who are not into super detailing but just want to add that touch more realism to their models. Excellent and highly recommended. Our thanks to Matthew John for the review samples.

Overall: 10/10